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Veterinary Law & Ethics

The online Veterinary Law & Ethics course provides an in-depth study of legal and ethical matters applicable to the veterinary profession, using real-world examples. It is designed for veterinarians, practice managers/owners, and veterinary students. 
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Veterinary Medical Records

The online Veterinary Medical Records course is an invaluable overview of the importance of accurate medical recordkeeping in today’s veterinary practice. Course registrants will learn how to maximize medical record efficiencies, and reduce the risk for professional negligence. More information ...

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Veterinary Ocular Histopathology

Veterinary ocular pathology gives its student access to a broad range of ocular pathology information in the form of an interactive guide and 100's of cases to review. More information ...

Veterinary Preventive Medicine -Graduate Certificate Cover

Veterinary Preventive Medicine — Graduate Certificate

Veterinary Preventive Medicine is a very diverse area. Students in the program are able to include courses in areas of animal welfare, diagnostics, food safety, evidence-based medicine, surgery, pathology, microbiology, epidemiology, public health, statistics and production medicine. Students can choose courses that focus on any of these disciplines.

A graduate certificate is an additional qualification awarded by Iowa State University after successful completion of 15 graduate level credits. As such the graduate certificate requires less course work than a Masters (30+ credits) level program. More information ...