The College of Veterinary Medicine offers excellent career opportunities to outstanding researchers and veterinarians at all stages of their professional careers. As a member of the AAU, located in the family-friendly Midwestern community of Ames, Iowa State University offers individuals and families opportunities to build their professional careers and personal lives in a thriving community, centered on one of the leading research universities in the nation.

The university has a long tradition of fostering interdisciplinary and collaborative research across departmental and college boundaries. We look for people who are creative, curious and collaborative, and who know that the critical challenges of today and tomorrow cannot be solved by one person or one discipline alone. We look for people who want to make an impact on their fields and a difference in the lives of others. We look for people who enjoy teaching and working with students.

Current Iowa State University Job Openings

CyHire (Online Job Board)
Employment opportunities are listed in this on-line database, allowing students AND alumni to access the most recent position vacancies. Hundreds of positions are listed, ranging from positions in government or industry to positions in practices throughout the country.

The database allows you to search by type of practice, type of employer, or state in which the position exists. The database also lists preceptorships available for senior veterinary students (these are distinguished from permanent positions under the category of "job type").

Other Resources
Iowa Veterinary Medical Association

AVMA Career Center

VIN (free for all DVM students)