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Unique Living Opportunity for Vet Students with a love for horses:

One Heart Equestrian Therapy- 2710 W 190th Street (Ames, IA)

Added: April 26, 2019

One Heart Equestrian Therapy, Inc, a non-profit that conducts equine assisted therapy.

The program was founded by my wife, Kris, about 19 years ago and she has been putting up riders for 18 years at several stables around Story County.  In July 2018, One Heart purchased a permanent home on the north side of Ames. The site has a large arena/stable complex with paddocks on 10 acres, a perfect setup and location for the program.  Also, on site is a 3-4 bedroom house that will be used as a caretaker residence. Plans for this house are to have vet students live in it and they will provide labor to feed the horses, provide security, and help with keeping up the grounds.

There are many activities going on now as the program is working through its first year in the new home. I have been tasked by Kris, the Executive Director, to explore a few things, one of which is caretaker-house logistics.  My goal is to open the dialog with incoming vet students and work on options for the Board of Directors to consider when it comes to rental agreements for the students, hourly wages for the students, job expectations, etc.

My “ask” of you is to help communicate this opportunity to help a great program, have a nice place to live that is not too far from the College, and generate a little bit of revenue for program and for the caretakers.  I do the chores now and it takes about 15-20 minutes morning and night, not a big daily task. However, it takes about 4 hours to mow and trim the place.  I am estimating the program will need on average 10 hours a week of labor, not a big deal for 3-4 students living on site.

I am not sure of the best way to convey this message to the incoming students. If this email is adequate to start the conversation, then please use it.  If One Heart needs to have a more concise, or expanded message, then we will revise as needed. I know for sure the relationship between students and One Heart will be a dynamic and evolving process, I just need to get it started.

The location of the property is 2710 W 190th Street, Ames, Iowa. One Heart has a website -   and a Facebook page  “One Heart Equestrian Therapy” for additional information about the program.  

Thank you for helping One Heart and please let me know if any questions. Email Kelly Lager,, if interested or for more information.



Kelly M. Lager, DVM, PhD

Research Leader

Virus Prion Research Unit

National Animal Disease Center

USDA-Agricultural Research Service

1920 Dayton Avenue

Ames, Iowa USA 50010


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