Jacky Peraza

Second-year student from Los Angeles, Calif.

First Rotations

May 2019

Good day everyone!

I officially started my fourth year roughly two weeks ago, and I must admit, it’s a surreal moment for me to finally be at this point of my veterinary education. My friends and I were reminiscing how intense the first years of vet school were for us, but we were able to surpass those challenges and become one step closer to becoming a doctor.

Moving toward the end of the third year!

April 2019

Greetings everyone!

April has been full of fun events, one of them being a field trip to the Blank Park Zoo with the Ophthalmology Club. It was a great experience shadowing an ophthalmologist and observing how ocular exams are performed on zoo animal species. We were able to see ocular exams on an 80+ year old tortoise, sea lions, bats, lizards, and a small owl. I personally loved looking into the owl’s eyes, as they don’t blink as often as humans do.

Building Confidence

November 2018

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and the opportunity to enjoy some delicious turkey. It has been a week since I arrived back in Ames from visiting my family in Los Angeles for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was so nice to see everyone again, including my two dogs and my bearded dragon. The weather was also perfect (low 70s)! I am now back in Ames, and it is definitely starting to feel like winter. The mornings so far have been a chilly 18 degrees, but the peep of the sun in the afternoons makes for a nice stroll outside.


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