Kelsey Deaver

Leadership in Veterinary School

July 2019

Throughout undergraduate school, I never joined a single student organization and honestly, did not understand the point of them until my first semester of veterinary school. Instead I had prioritized clinical experience and studying to be able to get accepted into veterinary school. NEWS FLASH, the competition is over! So take a breather and make the time to develop yourself as a leader.

I make the top 50% of the class possible

February 2020

I did not accumulate the most impressive GPA during undergraduate school, but I was still fairly competitive. When it came to the animal science courses specifically, I will be honest, I was pretty cutthroat. I was one of those cringey students that would argue for every extra point I could get, because I was determined to get into veterinary school. However, once I got in, I realized that they had handpicked a lot of students who were at the top of their class. And as Syndrome from Mr. Incredible says “when everyone is super, no one is.”

Quarantine, COVID 19 & Creativity

March 2020

Back in October 2019, I was privileged enough to attend the 2019 AVMA Economic Summit in Chicago (which I realize to some, may sound like torture), but it is right up my personal alley of interest. As I got checked in, I was pumped and ready to talk about macroeconomics, student debt, behavioral economics and the financial future of veterinary medicine! Then I looked at the schedule and saw one of the Keynote speakers was a non-veterinarian, non-economist speaker talking about... creativity?

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