Graduate Student Travel Grants

CVM Graduate Student Travel Award Program

This program was developed to provide travel support for graduate students at the CVM to present at national or international conferences.

Each department is allotted a certain number of awards each fiscal year.  Each award is $500 in travel reimbursement and is handled through the CVM Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

Recipients of these travel awards will be determined by the respective Director of Graduate Education (DOGE) in each college department.

Non-thesis master's students and those receiving certificates are not eligible for these awards.

Progressional Advancement Grants (PAG)


Professional Advancement Grants (PAG) are provided to graduate and professional students by the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) to help defray expenses related to professional meeting and conference travel.

Amount of Support

The amount of a PAG award for the 2018-2019 fiscal year shall be $200.

Other Funding Opportunities

Most professional organizations that host conferences will have travel grants for which graduate students may compete or apply.