Instructional Support

Deb Hoyt, BS
Instructional Development Coordinator
2265 Veterinary Medicine

Deb Hoyt’s career transitioned from laboratory medicine and quality control in medical technology (BS) with an emphasis in veterinary clinical chemistry to computer systems and learning technology in veterinary medicine. She bridges language/terminology to integrate IT into veterinary medical education with computer and audio-video assisted teaching. Areas of expertise and responsibilities include:

  • Support and administration of instructional technology software and hardware: Echo360 classroom capture; Canto (digital asset management); Virtual Microscopy systems; Zoom conferencing; Canvas & TopHat (backup for Lisa and Vy)
  • Classroom technology; works with users' needs to help design or implement solutions
  • Identify and advocate for technology design refreshes for spaces
  • Support technology related to faculty distance delivery options
  • Proposals to fund classroom IT
  • Oversee, train, and support the 3 AV student representatives

Lisa Gestrine, M.ED
Instructional Development Coordinator
2261 Veterinary Medicine

Lisa Gestrine received her Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instructional Technology from Iowa State University. Areas of expertise and responsibilities include:

  • Canvas assistance for faculty, staff and students
  • TopHat assistance for faculty, staff, and students
  • Echo360 assistance for faculty, staff, and students
  • Course design consultation for faculty and staff
  • Training sessions to support faculty in the use of technology in teaching
  • General instructional technology support at the College

Jeremy Kellen
Systems Support Specialist III
2265 Veterinary Medicine

Jeremy's career has taken him through many aspects of IT and technology in meeting and classroom spaces and came to Vet Med with a wealth of experience working on main campus at ISU for many years.  Jeremy loves learning new things, but is really good at settling into practical solutions that meet the users' needs.  

  • Design, costing, maintenance and installation of AV equipment in spaces around College of Vet Med
  • Zoom integratioin with classrrom technology
  • Echo360 appliance integration with classroom technology

Vy Vo, M. ED
Instructional Support Specialist II
2265 Veterinary Medicine

Vy received her Masters of Education degree in Curriculum and Instructional Technology from Iowa State University. Vy is passionate about learning new technologies and innovative ways to teach students. She hopes to create an excellent learning experience for students at the College of Vet Med through her areas of expertise. Her responsibilities include:

  • Canvas
  • Echo360
  • TopHat
  • Zoom
  • Course Design consultant