International Programs

ISU Student Travel Policy Updates

Spring and summer study abroad programs scheduled to depart before Aug. 1, 2021, have been canceled.

Students pursuing independent international experience can request travel approval from the university risk management team. If you plan to travel abroad and plan on receiving credits from the experience, please contact to start the travel request process. 


Happening Now --- Virtual Exchange Meetings

Organized through IVSA (International Veterinary Students' Association), virtual exchange meetings offer unique opportunities for you to meet veterinary students from around the world. These meetings usually last for 1.5 hours. Discussion topics include veterinary education, veterinary careers, daily life, and culture in each country. 

Join the upcoming virtual exchange meetings! Chat and play games with international veterinary students from the comfort of your own couch/bed/chair/car/shed...


March 13th - Saturday - 12 pm

IVSA Bern, Switzerland --- View recording


March 20th - Saturday - 12 pm

IVSA Germany --- View recording


March 27th - Saturday - 6 pm

IVSA Japan --- Recording will be uploaded soon


April 10th - Saturday - 12 pm

IVSA Austria --- Recording will be uploaded soon