Veterinary Preventive Medicine is an interdisciplinary specialty with a focus on the study of health and disease in populations. The diverse disciplines in the program are unified by a common approach based on the application of statistical methods to problem solving in populations.

Graduate study in Veterinary Preventive Medicine will provide valuable skills and experience to persons interested in pursuing a career in the areas of public health, food safety, emerging infectious diseases, zoo or wildlife health management, and livestock health and well being . Through research and coursework, students will learn to apply a variety of disciplines, principles, and techniques to complex population health problems involving environmental, ecological, nutritional, genetic, infectious and/or noninfectious components. A degree in Veterinary Preventive Medicine will be of particular value to individuals considering a future in the biological or pharmaceutical industries, public veterinary practice, military veterinary service, international service agencies, regulatory agencies, or any position with a responsibility for health in populations.