Graduate Certificate Requirements

A graduate certificate in Veterinary Preventive Medicine requires a minimum of 15 credits distributed across a minimum of 10 credits of core courses and 5 credits of elective courses. As a distance program all courses are taken online. Distance course sections are identified with WWW in the Schedule of Classes.  Suggested "Roadmap" for VPM Certificate coursework

Certificate required core courses (7 credits)
STAT 587*  Statistical Methods for Research Workers 4 credits Fall, Spring & Summer
VDPAM 528  Principles of Epidemiology and Population Health 3 credits Spring
Remaining 3 core credits can be selected from
VDPAM 527  Applied Statistical Methods in Population Studies 3 credits Alt. Fall, Odd
VDPAM 529  Epidemiological Methods in Population Research 3 credits Alt. Fall, Even
VDPAM 560X Ecology of Infectious Disease 3 credits

Alt. Spring, Odd

VDPAM 562X Applied Diagnostic Technologies 3 credits Alt. Fall, Even
VDPAM 564X Animal Welfare Science and Research 3 credits Alt. Spring, Even
VDPAM 567X Design and Implementation of Field Trials 3 credits Alt. Fall, Odd

* available online in Spring semesters

The remaining 5 or more elective credits can be any approved Iowa State University graduate level or dual listed course including, but not limited to, any remaining core courses. With the permission of the Director of Certificate Education, students may also take graduate level courses at another approved institution to fulfill the requirements of the certificate.