MS Thesis Requirements

Students must enroll and complete sufficient research credits and elective courses to total 30 credits. Research may be conducted in any of a variety of the areas involving population health. Elective courses should be selected with the objective of expanding the student's knowledge and expertise within their area of specialty in consultation with the major professor and with the approval of the POS (Program of Study) committee. Students are encouraged to consider earning a minor within their area of interest (see the Graduate College Handbook for details).

VPM MS Thesis Required Courses
VDPAM 527 Applied Statistical Methods in Population Studies 3 credits Alt. Fall, Odd
VDPAM 528 Principles of Epidemiology and Population Health 3 credits Spring
VDPAM 529 Epidemiological Methods in Population Research 3 credits Alt. Fall, Even
STAT 587 Statistical Methods for Research Workers 4 credits Fall, Spring & Summer
VDPAM 699 Research Variable Fall, Spring & Summer