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Seeking Eligible Dogs for Active Clinical Trial

Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs

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Study Overview: To determine whether levels of blood cortisol or aldosterone are associated with a worse prognosis in dogs with CHF.

Veterinarians are encouraged to refer dogs with the following characteristics:

  • presumptive degenerative mitral valve disease (older small-breed dogs with loud heart murmurs) and
  • clinical findings consistent with active congestive heart failure (respiratory distress, radiographic pulmonary edema)

Study will cover the following diagnostic costs:

  • Echocardiogram
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Kidney function testing

Study will not cover the following costs:

  • Cost of hospitalization
  • Other diagnostic tests
  • Medications
  • Associated follow-up costs

Participation in the study will involve two visits to the LVMC:

  • initial hospitalization for CHF, and
  • recheck visit one to two weeks later

Dr. Allison Masters or Dr. Jessica Ward
(515) 294-4900,

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