Man’s Best Friend

Sheba has always been there for Lauren Berglund. When the roles were reversed earlier this year, Lauren was understandably concerned. Sheba was admitted to the Hixson-Lied Small Animal Hospital suffering from continued bleeding after a dental procedure. “Not only has Sheba been my guide dog for years, she has been and always will be my best friend,” said Lauren who was born with significant vision loss due to a genetic condition.

Lauren wanted the best for Sheba but finances are a stretch for the Iowa State student. “I was extremely concerned about my ability to pay for Sheba’s care,” Lauren said. “I was so worried about having to make decisions for her care based on cost and not what was best for her.”

Enter the Iron Dog Fund which supports animals hospitalized at Iowa State. “Now Sheba was able to get the absolute best care regardless of my ability to pay,” Lauren said. “To me, this meant the world as I would have been devastated had I not been able to help Sheba after all she has done for me.”

Learn more about Lauren and Sheba online.

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